Friday, April 25, 2014

Changing of Idée fixe

A while ago, I was on a path with some, what I thought, where fixed ideas. Things had to be done in a specific way or not at all.
But life is a continues lesson, and some dogmas are better left behind.
I was convinced that an artist/photographer must have his own studio, his top of the line gear, the newest, the best and that he must concentrate on doing a narrow line of work in order to be noticed.

Well a lot has changed.
I have broaden my spectrum, my areas of work are now diverse and I think it only makes each field of photography I deal with, more interesting, more influenced by my other fields of interest.

I have, after many years, abandoned the notion of a confined  space to work in/from and now enjoy traveling to locations and clients, shooting in changing conditions etc.

Do I really have to separate my "art"  from my "commercial work" ?

I chose to do more. More of art, different fields of photography,
Use different gear and not insist on a specific.

I now enjoy cellphone camera for its instant upload and "always there" feature, enjoy my Dslr for its quality, low light sensitivity etc. and sometimes I manage to squeeze a few frames from my old medium format film camera.

Nothing is set in stone. Its all change, there is no "right path", just the road you're Currently  on. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

cameras - warning: just for camera freaks !

Back in 1991, I was a hardcore nikon shooter.
Starting with the FM2
which was great to use.
It took a real pro to use, you had manual focus, of course, and if batteries ran out, you could asses the lighting conditions (cloudy, sunny, overcast etc.) and adjust the settings (f8 on 1/125 sec for midday). 
mechanics was great, highly reliable even with hard field use. I shot a few years in desert conditions and it never failed. 

next I saved for the nikon f801 and after that the great f90 

I remember purchasing a used model for an equivalent of about 3500.- US$ !!! used !!
 I still have it somewhere. 

but I remember always dreaming about the flagship model of the time, the great Nikon F4. 

A heavy, professional camera with replaceable everything. Viewfinder, grip and more. 
Fast autofocus, massive.
A college of mine had one. held it in my hand once. a dream 
super-high shutter speed of 1/8,000 sec. achieved with the development of shutter blades made from an ultra-lightweight compound material (carbon fiber compound) which is lighter and more durable than titanium.Our first use of Focus Tracking with Lock-On, to provide optimum focusing by determining any displacement of the focus point of a moving subject based on the distance measurement data obtained while the shutter release button is half-pressed, and then moving the lens additionally to compensate for the displacement of the focus point.High-speed winding at 5.7 frames per sec., when used with the high-power battery pack MB-21 (1.5V LR6 alkaline battery x 6).

today you can get this jewel for as little as 150$ in Ebay. 
back then it was like a hasselbladt, beyond anything you can buy.

interestingly enough, today's flagship has again the digit 4. 
namely the D4s. 

a spectacular machine, no doubt, but somehow it's not the same.

since then, I switched to Canon cameras and glasses and I am quit content with the 5d MKII. 
Get's the job done and very well .

I do meet here and there photo- artist who cling to the Nikon F2. It has something elusive that no digital wonder can replace. some spirit in the machine.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

website redesign

more modern, sleek, clear design
while retaining some of the aspects of the previous 
website structure.
I especially like the "personal" section. some projects I've worked on in the past
couple of years are nicely shown.

it's supposed to work smoothly on any device or computer, reacting to size and resolution.

enjoy !