Wednesday, July 27, 2011

shooting action in the studio

Freezing the Moment

using small strobes (nikon & canon)
camera: Canon 5d MK II

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"um el arib - the mother of strangers" a street art project in Jaffa

I took part in a great  project this weekend.
in reaction to many changes happening in the urban environment of the old city of Jaffa,
 for the second year there was a call for artists to react to the theme of Jaffa, the city, the context the the urban change.
a week before I took my old 6x6 Mamiyaflex and shot 2 rolls of houses and portraits in Jaffa. link

the images were scanned and with almost no digital manipulation printed and attached to the walls of one of the houses in the street, where this took place.
On saturday there were many artists, and artists friends who came, exhibited, connected, discussed and partied with the local people to raise awareness.

It really appealed to me the easiness of this sort of exhibit in contrast to going through the tidious process of galleries and museums.

here are my works - as I presented them:

link to the Facebook page of the project