Monday, November 28, 2016

a very dry November caused some of the worst fires in recent local history

It started with strong dry winds from the desert, ones that put sand in your face.
then the first fires came, a small neglected source spread fast and the fire consumed huge parts of towns.
Then the fire starters saw an opprotunity and started some simultaneous fire.
In Haifa, fire broke in 4 locations at the same time. Consuming massive tree pockets within the city.
The fire fighters fought for hours and days to get the fire under control.
moving entire fleets of trucks and planes from the Judean Mountains to Haifa and back again. 

This time it was close to home.

It was a tragic combination of global climate change and local madmen

and ended with many people loosing their homes and possessions, but luckily no lives.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

a food production shot

photos for AB2
shooting food, serving, construction and set up of beautiful food venues
behind the scenes in the kitchen and in front of the customers.
Some Daylight, some added strobes and some use of big Elinchrome flash with soft box .