Tuesday, December 29, 2009

location scouting for the workshop

I have a workshop this week.
we've discussed a few options for the out-door location
one of them was the cliff just out side of herzelia.
So I went for a quick scout and fell in love with the stone structure and forms.
I saw many potential places for a shoot.
depending on the weather, it started to rain, just as I was returning to Tel Aviv.

lets hope the sun will grant us a bit of it's rays, I wish for a cloudy without rain-weather.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

exhibitions and more

this week was very interesting to me.
I saw some fine art, photo work and photo-equipment.

in the secret art opening there was a beautiful variety of known and unknown artist, great ambience and interesting crowd.

from there, we went to the world press photo opening with some inspirational pieces.
I especially liked the sports photography, that is just art work.

today it went to a different direction, in an exhibition that presented the newest from canon, epson and profoto, I got to play with dream cameras such as the mamyia, the new canon Mark 4 the D7 and others .
a company that produces excellent reproduction and fine art prints.
It's good and refreshing to meet other photographers and people of the trade.