Saturday, February 27, 2010

a few child photos ...

I chose a few shots that I liked from the day of child photographing.
some accidental moments are the best images ...
but you have to allow it all to happen, you have to be there and capture it
this is where modern digital cameras come in handy

I used the 5D with my 24-70 mm L lens
broncolor flashes

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

stills on a movie set

a while ago I shot stills on a movie set in tel aviv and jerusalem
the images are here and the trailer for the movie
director Jarden Carmin
producer Tal Siano
is here:


Monday, February 15, 2010

another children's shoot

this time it was fast paced 30 kids shoot.
the client was a children's model agency who represents kids from infants through teenagers
each kid got a number and a few minutes to shine in front of the camera.
Although I have expirience both in children's portrait as working in a professional enviroment
it was very interesting for me to see one of the industry's top "child trainer" in action.
within minutes he had even the most restless infant focused and happy and curious for the shoot.

I had my brother Tal as an assistant, he helped me with the gear and during the shoot.
As a film major he has great understanding of the process.

The lighting set up was basic and effective. Two spots gave an evenly lit background
and one big umbrella provided the key-light and a nice fill from the front.
I love the catchlight of it.
I know it is supposed to be a tool left by many behind in the 70's, but I prefer it to softboxes which give very shallow light.

some of the kids had breathtaking expressions and camera openness that gave the work the right "touch"

I took with me 2 sets of my broncolor and a foba fold out background set.
my Macbook pro and my trusted canon 5D with a decent L-glass.

Monday, February 8, 2010

some business portraits

Oneof the more challenging subjects to shoot are business portraits.
You only have a few moments of the CEO's time and you have to make an image with the right impact. It has to project this person's personality, mix it with confindence and self assurance yet friendly and inviting. All in the same image.

Sometimes you can only shoot them in their office, so you have to travel light and make do with very little available light and some small flashes .

But I do like this theme very much. It is always interesting to meet new people and addapt quickly to their personalities .