Sunday, January 23, 2011

a photo session with the wonderful actress Hilla Vidor

The images from the shot with actress Hilla Vidor were spectacular.

Her agency loved them and I hope you will too.
We worked on a few defenitive looks and concepts going toward glamour and beauty.
Beeing an actress made it easy for her to slip into different characters for the camera.
She really gives herself to the images.

The lighting was pretty basic, mostly single light bare flashes, white background.

here are some selected images from the shoot

and the portrait in motion

all pictures: ©Siano Ami 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

an amazing shoot with the wounderful Hilla Vidor

portrait in motion

A session with Actress Hilla Vidor. 
She's a talented young actress who plays a wide variety of characters. 
she just fineshed shooting some very successful movies and TV series.
Our shooting, though essentially with a clear concept, touched different characters

once, she was the femme fatale, other times the quiete beauty, a tough lady etc.

Hair & make up was done by the gifted and funny Sharon Maimon.