Wednesday, September 3, 2014

the magical valley of Engadin, Switzerland

San Gian church 1478 A.C

Local House and furniture
the Valley of Ober-Engadin

The view from the window on Piz Moragl
Crazy Moon
The lake of Staz
Local Ducks


The road to Posciavo

Monday, May 19, 2014


50 mm
full frame

that's the only lens you really need.
it makes your Dslr compact and efficient while travelling, it reproduces more or less what your eyes normally see.
you want to zoom in ? come closer
perhaps a wide over view ? take a few steps back, as you would with your real vision.

until they make us into cyborg, and replace our biological eyes with smart cameras, we are seeing about 42°.

it used to be the real "kit lens" of the analog age.
you buy a nikon F2 - get a great 50mm with it.

unless you're shooting extreem architectural shots, or landscape, you don't need anything shorter.
it has little if any distortion, durable and easy to use. and it can be fast. very fast.

You can produce stunning images with a good old fixed lens. Better for some video work even.

I have a few 50mm.
even the cheaper ones from canon are getting me excellent result, and the better, analog nikon one (with adaptor) produces exquisite result.

Canon 5D MK II with the 50mm canon 1.8
Jpeg original file

Canon 5D MK I + nikon 50mm 1.4 manual focus.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

magicial little polaroid shop

while walking through the enchanting streets of old Madrid, we came across a photography shop at   Calle Barquillo, and of course, I could not resist and entered. 

As it turns out, the shop is really a little gem of everything polaroid and it's following team - the impossible project.

An impressive collection of pola-cameras and photographs.

The shop has also a small photo studio and it is owned by now the 3rd generation of photographers.
One of the proudest item is an old wooden camera, fitted with a polaroid 8x10 back, passed down in the family.

The youngest generation is a newly married couple, he's a film maker and she's the grand daughter of the shop's founder. 
They even had their marriage photo, taken by the old wood camera.

They handle everything polaroid, here's their site: