Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Photo installation in the art event "Arim Tehomot" in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

An Alternative art event that took place on Saturday march 24th in Jaffa, Tel Aviv.
I presented a composited picture that was shot on Black and white Film and later composed in Photoshop.

Also, did a "slow Portrait" street Studio using available light and shooting on a 6 by 7 Mamiya RB67

Behind the scenes by photographer Nino Herman

 The Slow Portrait

In my personal work I aim to slow down. 
As a working photographer I have a personal need to balance the super fast pace of the image taking process with a more traditional way. 
For that purpose I use various Film cameras, preferably Medium format. It forces me to measure, aim, re-compose and do a lot of thinking before pressing the camera trigger. 
The resulting images have a different ambiance, different intention and a lot more intangible feel to them. 

In this Project I want to bring the process of slowing down to the street. Involve and share this experience with the passing by. I want to take pictures of people without the constant and instant judgment of the results, which will be shown only after a while. 
I will pose them in front of a white canvas and in the tradition of the great masters, try to get something pure and authentic out of them. 
The process is the act, the photography as a sort of live performance perhaps.