Monday, April 26, 2010

Shooting jewelry for a client

Shot with the Canon D5 MK II 
Daylight on a piece of glass
tilted about 4° above the desk.
The camera was put on a tripod
to enable long exposures and deep depth of Field

shooting for a movie poster

A while ago I shot a movie production on the set. I loved shooting the crew setting up gear, the actors getting into character and envisioning a scene. 
I accompanied them in 2 different locations. Got some beautiful shots, some got went as a cover for the PR print. 
As it happens, the whole movie was revised. They had to drop a lot of scenes and reshoot new ones on a new location. The movie is nominated for an important Film prize in Cannes.

So a new Poster image had to be shot. 
so yesterday we drove to the last location and worked on an image that could best represent the new movie.

It was again an interesting process only this time I wasn't really shooting on the "set", I had the actors all to myself so we could focus much better on a certain image and atmosphere. 

It was a beautiful setting and the natural light became more and more attractive, but I decided to emphasize the ambient light with some fill flash held by a voice activated tripod (the make up artist). 

on some images it provided exactly the right "push" to change it from a nice flat image to a more dramatic picture. 

The set was shot with my 5D MK II with the Canon 580EX Flash and a Nikon SB800 in Slave mode on about 1/4 power. 

Film Director: Yarden Karmin
Actrice: Hila Vidor
Actor: Erez Cahana

here are some images from the shooting: 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

tel aviv at night with 50mm

sometimes it's  a good exercise to limit yourself.
I went out with the canon 5d with the 50mm and no flash on it
crancked the ISO to 1600 and just shot a head, no tripod, no mission.
came with some interesting results, shooting with available night-light.
in the city you've got plenty of spotlights that will give you studio like light
free of charge ...

this was shot using available light only and iso 1600 on the canon D5 with a 50mm/1.8 mounted

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