Friday, March 26, 2010

a blog about street photography

you can't really beat old school street photography, especially in medium format
here's a blog I discovered just now that will really make you want to take hold 
of your grandmother's old "Rolley"and just go snapping pictures in the next street corner.

(there's no such thing as snapping with these old heavy cams)
every composition is carefully planned 
exposesures are mesured precisely

lovely stuff

thanks to John Maloof who manages the blog. His website  also deals with street photography.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

vintage collection

yesterday we shot a vintage collection.
it was a basic set up - single light with a big umbrella. 

Styling was done by Ifat, model was Avigail
we kept it clean and simple. 
The goal was to show the clothes, the fabric and how they should be worn.

So we were able to shot as many as 20 items in a very short period of time, while maintaining the necessary quality.

I especially liked the more detailed shots of the fabric.

for more details about the collection - check out Ifat's facebook

Sunday, March 21, 2010

following monet

here's a study in how those rival crafts can make a gesture: 

photography and painting, impressionism, that is. 
the original:
my study: 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

experimenting with food photography

Food is a great creative outlet.
challenging in many ways: light, composition, styling
here are some of my attempts to keep it simple and tasty

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a sculpture exhibition

Yesterday, while waiting for clients to arrive
I saw they were hanging works of art in a nearby gallery.

I went in and was really impressed with the works of sculptures featured.
something very expressive, familiar and powerfull about them.

I've spoken to the artist, who originally came from the wild north of the argentinian amazonas. 
His work, mainly based upon his memories from the region
portraits the Indigenous people of the area and the wars about the Rainforest there. 

check out more of his work here .

with his permission, I shot it in daylight, canon 5d with the lovely 50mm glass on it
which gave me this beautiful narrow depth of field, isolating the sculptures from the background.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a PR shot of a new Artist

I was asked to shoot an artist in his new gallery. 
He's featuring his work and his study in the same room in the old city of Jaffa (next to tel aviv)

I wanted to use available light as much as possible, but for some reason, he liked to use white florocent tubes for the study. 
so I ended up using my camera Flashes as a fill. 
I used my Canon 5D MK II with the L-Glass, with the EX580 as a strobe. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

shooting 6 by six again

I still have my old Mamiyaflex back from my photography early days.
In art school, we had to learn the basics. We started by building a "camera obscura"basically a cardboard box with a tiny hole in it and some photo paper on the inside ...
then we progressed in the first year, shooting black and white film with these gigantic, heavy, manual medium format cameras. 
Theidea was to really learn how to measure light (extern light meter) ,
 manage focus (change the distance between the lens and the film) and plan a composition upon the huge 6 by 6 prisma (which turned left and right  around) 

My camera, which I found in an old photography store was build sometimes in the early 1960's.

It is still great to shoot with. you get a sense of depth and quality you can't enjoy with a new digital camera even if you put all the megapixels you want on it. (my new 5d MK II has 21) 

I can't see a commercial use for it, so I can save it for my own enjoyment and experiments.