Monday, January 11, 2010

corporate coaching portrait

Today's assignment was to shoot a lecturer, a presenter.
The Image was to portrait him in "action" he wanted the dynamic of him speaking in front of a crowd to be recaptured in the studio.

This meant combining the perfection and "lab-situation" of the studio, with field gestures and energies.

We tried different approaches of spontaneous and staged performances.
We ended up combining both techniques with interesting results.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

nude workshop on the beach

yesterday was the second meet up with the group.
It's a big photography school that had me do this 3 day workshop for nude.
day one was theory and studio work with a model.

yesterday we met at the beach, sat with the folks for some drinks and explained some more theory, took the time to answer some Q's

the model arrived and we found a nice spot to start shooting.
the challenges were working with difficult light, tough ground (sandy hills that collapsed under our feet) and people passing by.

all in all, I think people enjoyed it and came to interesting results.